Custom Traditional Wood Arrows

The Highest Quality in Materials
            and Workmanship


The best way to determine availability or turnaround time is to contact me with your request, and I’ll get back with you as soon as possible. I sometimes have arrows or matched dozens of shafts in stock that are matched to closer tolerances that listed above. When you tell me what you want, I’ll get back with you on what’s in stock, and how long your order will take. In ordering, I need to know the length of your arrow. Arrow length is the distance from the nock groove to the back (far side) of the bow at your draw length, plus however much you want to extend beyond the back of your bow, which is usually ½ to 1". I also need to know the peak draw weight of your bow at your draw length, and whether you are shooting a recurve or straight bow. If you want custom arrows, I’ll need to know in detail what you want. Check some of the pictures for ideas.